Clash of Clans Mod Apk 2020 – Download COC Hack [Latest]

Clash of Clans Mod Apk: Clash of clans is an addictive and attractive game for smartphones. It is one of the hottest games available for android and iOS operating systems developed by Supercell a famous game developing company. This game is about training the troops and war that attracts the millions of game lovers from around the world.

This game receives high ratings from users and becomes one of the highest-selling games that also generate a good income from the Google play store and App store. If you are looking for a full free version of modded apk clash of clans, then you are in the right place.

This game is available for you without any limitations and let you enjoy the game with full resources. You can find more features that are offered by different sites which are the dream of many gamers.

They will give you limited resource versions and require spending some money to get more features. If you are facing with limited resources but love to have a clash of clans mod apk with full features, you will find it here.

This modded clash of clans, also known as COC will provide you with unlimited gold, gems, dark elixir and elixir, and many other thrilling features. This version will provide you with almost all the features that are accessible through app store paid versions.

This version of clash of clans cracked apk will enable you to generate your own weapons and customize changings as per your requirements. You can also unlock different paid features and other facilities without paying even a single penny.



Clash of clans apk is an online game with multiplayer options but also allow you to play as a single player. In a multiplayer option, you can build a community, train your troops to attack other player’s troops and community.

This will give you gold, dark elixir, and elixir as a reward which you can use to create hurdles as a defense. You can use these rewards for up-gradation of your troops and train them. As a single-player, you have to attack different fortified goblin villages.

Clash of clans’ mod will allow you to make your army aggressively that are full of glorious mustaches and pyromaniac wizards. You can also build your community to make robbers stay away and fight with millions of gamers from around the world.

You can make a powerful clan to destroy the clans of your enemy / other players and make a way of victory for your community.

clash of clans mod apk

How to start the game?

Modded clash of clans apk will provide you land at the start of the game. You have to make your own empire with different buildings in it and recruit soldiers for security and battle with enemies. You can find a lot of defensive materials in this game, like turrets, cannons, traps, and walls. These are helpful in up-gradation of your territory and show the power of your kingdom.

In this coc mod game, different monsters and other players will attempt an attack on your territory. The better up-gradation of defense will help you to fight with them and defeat them. Every player uses the defensive materials in its own way, and you also get the option to choose the defensive style.

After building the defensive structure, you have to recruit soldiers for fighting with others. Clash of clans modded version has a variety of soldiers with different powers and features. You will find there warriors, sorcerers, swordsmen and dragons also.

You can also upgrade your soldiers with better attacking and defensive power. This will help to kill monsters and take over the territories of other players, and you can get expensive gold coins as a reward.

Coc mod apk is much interesting when you attack the territories of other players. For this, you have to make a strong strategy and make calculations carefully to ensure your victory. Coc is the game of mind and strategies to gain more power to win. It’s not just like being a rich to win.


Make Strong Associations

Clash of clans mods will allow you to make associations with other players and build your social circle to beat the enemies. You may call your friends for help when enemies attempt an attack on your territory or as your strategy for attacking other players.

It is one of the attractive features that make the player engage in the game for more time. This game will provide you with rankings to show the power of the guilds.

You have to join a guild as early as possible. Because of joining the guild, you can get the support and get the troops from the guild. This will enable you to make your territory without the fear of attacking and destroying your territory until unless you can make your own troop.


Graphics and Sounds

Clash of clans mod has a quality of graphics and sound system, I never had the experience of such quality. High-quality 3D graphics that are extremely sharp with a combination of good colors provide you the attractive and eye-catching look.

This will make you sink in the fiery battle. Effects of explosions of mines with symphonic music will provide you the real sensations. You will feel that you are the real character of that game. It is amazing.

Different Features of Crack Clash of Clans Apk

Now have a look at the different features of this game, this will help you to understand and play the game in a better way.

  • Gems are the most important thing in this game. Having a bunch of gems will allow you to buy a lot of things from coc store. Gems are expensive to buy, but you will get unlimited gems with this version of the game. You can cut your cost if you have unlimited gems and enjoy the game early.
  • Gold and coins also have their own importance. If you are going to take the risk of attack on your enemies, you will build better-attacking resources and train your troops. Normally, getting the coins and gold is tricky and time taking process. But with this version, you don’t have to worry about coins and gold. You may spend a lot of gold and coins to build the army.
  • With the help of dark elixir, you can upgrade your troops and heroes to show your strength in the battlefield. You will also get unlimited dark elixir in this version. This will help you to dominate in your guild and attacking the enemies as well as defending your territory.
  • Elixirs are required to upgrade your barracks and troops. You can do this without any tension. This version will provide you with unlimited elixirs. You can spend as much as you want to get upgradations. You just need this version of clash of clans mod apk.
Extra Abilities with this version of COC
  • Easy to build the territory and get some advanced characters and building in this version like magic.
  • You will do battle with some new troops like a raged barbarian, sneaky archer, cannon cart, the last hero, bomber, and giant.
  • Battle machines with improved strength and range.
  • Versus battle mode is introduces in this version that let you battle with other players.
  • Make your own group of friends by inviting them to join the group, or you can join the group of existing players.
  • You can fight as a team member of a clan and battle with other player’s clans that are playing online from around the world.
  • You can protect your village with better defensive materials like mortars, strong walls, bombs, canons, and traps.
  • This game will allow you to fight with Goblin king in a movement through the realm.
  • Plan superior strategies with the help of an unlimited combination of spells, elixir, heroes, and troops.
  • You can train your troops through various levels of powers and upgrades as much as you want.

What’s new in this latest version of Clash of Clans?

Here is the list of different things that are included in this upgraded version.

  • You can get some more magical spells that you can claim after victory in the multi wars.
  • This version will allow you to easily manager seven clans wars. There are limited wars in the previous version, but in this version, you have the option to make war with seven clans. This will provide you a more exciting experience.
  • You still have the option to of one on one war, but the seven clan war is included in it. You can battle in one on one mode with the winners of the game.
  • Even you have the unlimited version of all the powers, you have to win the war for gaining rankings. In case you lose the war your rankings will go down. If you are losing the war again and again your ranking goes down as well. Therefore you have to win the war, in any case, to make your rankings high and high.

How to install this version of COC?

If you want to enjoy this unlimited upgraded version of coc then you just have to do is get the clash of clan mod download file and follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Download the file
  • Change your android settings to allow the third part installations
  • This option you will get in the security and privacy options in settings.
  • Now install the download file
  • Make sure that your phone has an internet connection
  • And finally, enjoy the game.

The same process is recommended for iPhone users.


System requirements for installing this version

You must have to fulfill the following requirements for enjoying this version of COC.

  • Android 4.0 or latest is essential
  • Minimum space storage of 120 MB (as the download file have 100 MB of size)
  • Good internet connection
  • Permission for third party installations
  • Permit apk to download the necessary files

Wi-Fi connections are recommended


Download Clash of Clans Mod Apk for Android 2020


App Name Clash of Clans
App Size 100MB
Latest Version 11.651.10
Last Updated 28 April 2020
Android Requirements Android 4.0+

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I play this game on my computer?
Yes, you can play this game on your PC, but for that, you have to install additional software on your computer. You can use any android emulator in your computer, but we recommend using Bluestacks for this purpose. It requires a little time to install and allow you to drag and drop the apk file in it and install like the installation process we discussed above. But keep in mind, good internet connection is also required.
How can I join the clan wars in the game?
You can join the clan wars when the leader or co-leader of clan presses the button of start the war. You must have to participate in war at that time. If you miss that point, you will not fight in the clan war because during the war you are not able to join. You must have to join at the start of the war.
How many leagues are available in the clash of clans?
There are different leagues available in the COC. For example, you can enjoy the Silver, Titan, Gold, Legend, Bronze, Champion, and Crystal leagues.
Is it possible to recover my previous installation settings and mods if I lost my game mistakenly from my phone?
Yes, you can locate your previous settings and rewards with the help of email id. You can save all the data of your game in your email id and recover it when you want by providing your email.



Clash of clan mod apk android is an addictive and interesting game. This will let you enjoy your time with a great experience. We will tell you almost all the features and provide different tips and tricks to enjoying in a better way.

You will get all the features in this version of clash of clans without any cost. This is attractive for game lovers with a low budget, and they love it. Just download the latest version from here and enjoy your experience.